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Dubai Moving Tips - Tips while moving in Dubai or UAE

Looking to move in Dubai? Relocating? Shifting home or office? Look no further -DULOG, accredited member of the International Association of Movers-USA (IAM), is your one stop shop for all your moving needs.

Moving in Dubai is a very tiring and tedious job. Doing it yourself means to pack all items properly and securely, making sure the items won't be damaged while in transit. Then you need to unload and unpack all the items in your new place, not to mention spending time getting new things done like curtain fixing etc.

Top moving tips

  • Get lots of boxes, packing tape - Believe us, you will need plenty of these supplies
  • Number, label and color boxes - It is very easy to pack, only to get lost after all the boxes are taped and sealed. Then it becomes very difficult to find things. Sometimes we need to put last minute items in boxes and we dont know which box has related stuff. Then while unpacking it is a nightmare to open all boxes and try to arrange stuff. Believe us, it is advisable to label and organize things as you pack, color code them by putting colored stickers.
  • Organize properly - put all kitchen items in a separate box, living room items in a separate one etc. This way it is easy to unpack the important ones first like kitchen items while the living room items can wait a day or two.
  • Use existing containers - you can put stuff in suitcases, boxes, buckets and other boxes you may have which takes up space. Secure them nicely after putting stuff in them and then put them in carton boxes.
  • Pack important papers, documents, cash/jewelry in a separate box and take it with you. Do not move this box with the other items as it is very easy to get lost!
  • Clean up - If you want to clean up the old place, keep your cleaning suppliers like broom, bucket and mop in a corner. We prefer to hand the security/helper a tip to clean up after we leave. This will save you extra work and make his day as well!
  • Appliances - keep appliances and related accessories together like cables, power cords, adapters and extension cords etc. This will ensure that the appliances work without a hitch.

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You don't have to do this all by yourself. We are professional Dubai Packers and Dubai Movers and we work all over the UAE. We pack, move and unpack for you so you can spend more time thinking about getting started in your new place and getting organized quickly. We pack securely and make sure items are not damaged during transit. We are professional uae movers who care for your items and your comfort during the tedious shifting process.

Standard market rates for a typical 2 Bed Room shift will cost between AED 2,000 to AED 3,000* depending on the number of items.

Beware of unprofessional movers who know the average market price and then under quote it, only to get the job from you and then they will ask for more. You will have no option but to agree since it is the last minute! On top of that they ask the individual helpers to request for more tips as they don't get sufficient pay from their company! Then when all is over and you unpack, you find that a few items are damaged.

We are professionals, with over a decade of experience and expertise. By choosing us, you know you will get value for money, your items will be protected. We care for your comfort during this difficult shifting period. Call us today for a free quote or using our free relocations form

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